Through a mutual friend, I got an invitation from Anupama Dayal to spend the day with her and the team at her fashion show at the Wills India Fashion Week A/W’14. I was really excited about getting this chance to be backstage and see how everything works. So, armed with my pass, off I went to Pragati Maidan early noon to experience the backstage happenings.

A runway show may last just ten minutes, but backstage the preparations start hours before. Let me walk you through the day!


The day was not only about being a show, because all the designers (showcasing in the fashion show or not) put up stalls for buyers. To begin with, I got a glimpse into the setting up of a designer stall. Anupama’s designs resonate with vibrant colors and the team did a great job to show them off. Their attention to all the details and by adding flowers and colors, the stall was in perfect harmony with the designs. We then hung around and grabbed a bite.

Then towards late noon, I went to the backstage area where the makeup artist team had already setup the tables to get the models ready. Ambika Pillai’s team created a dramatic black eye look and a beautiful curly messy updo for the models. (Thinking of doing a tutorial for both eye look and messy updo.. What say?) 

Check out the pics below-




Everything in the green room was well planned with name tags on the colorful clothes and fine ethnic jewelry. Each model was given a helper to help them get ready. While the models changed, I went to the ramp area where all the lighting and choreography preparations were going on.

Just minutes before the show was to begin, there was no nervousness or last minute panic, just exhilarating energy with final checks, makeup and clothes photography, interview lineups and the next show preparations.

Anupama’s ‘Kama’ collection brought the whole area alive with its bright and beautiful colors making the models look like royal and sexy brides.




The show was a huge success and there were cheers all around and then the next show began..


I enjoyed every minute of the day and got to learn a lot of things. All thanks to Anupama, who let me in to see and photograph the makings of a great show. She is such a wonderful and happy person and she and her team were so good to me, I really didn’t want to leave!

Love, Jas 🙂


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