There are so many types of lipsticks in the market today and how it looks in tube can be very different to how it applies. We girls need different lipstick finishes based on occasions, time, texture of lips, coverage, color and of course mood. So let’s break down the different finishes here:

Matte –

 Delivers intense full coverage that has absolutely no shine or moisture in it. The color is pigmented and intense and long-lasting. It’s perfect for times when you want your color to stay put for long without smearing.

Because of its formula, it’s can be dehydrating and is not the best option for dry or chapped lips and it can make lips look older.



It delivers medium to moist full coverage.

It wears well almost as well as Matte, without being as dry. Due to the moisture content in these lipsticks, they glide on lips easily and thus, work well for dry lips.

It’s the most versatile and multi-purpose lipstick and most companies offer large selection in this finish.



It’s a pigmented shiny & metallic color which is usually on the pale side.

The finish usually makes lips look dry, though some of the new frost colors out in the market today look quite creamy.

Due to the opaque and pale finish, it is best suited for younger lips.


Sheer –

This is actually a wash of glossy color and the formula does not have much pigmentation. The color lasts longer than gloss but not as much as cream lipsticks.

Most of the lip balms these days have this formula. It’s best for a quick layer color on your lips.



It’s a sheer layer of color or glitter, with extreme amounts of shine. It doesn’t last long and needs to be applied frequently.

This makes lips fuller and sexier and gives face alive and fresh look. Glosses work brilliantly for all age groups.


Lip Pencil/ Lip Liner –

Lip pencils usually provide good pigmentation of color.

These are usually used to define shape of lips, but can also be worn all over, then topped with a color. These increase the life of any lip color.


Happy Shopping.. Love, Jas 🙂

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