At night, our skin’s renewal process is most intensive and treatment creams are recommended to aid skin’s renewal and repairing process. Having dry skin, I have been using a night cream or some kind of moisturiser for as long as I can remember. This time I decided to try out Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream – Sandalwood and Saffron for it’s skin firming properties. This cream also won Best Night Cream Award 2011 by Vogue India.

The brand says:

A unique night treatment formula which blends the pure oils of sandalwood and saffron to nurture normal to dry skin types. This advanced age-defying formula has a corrective and preventive action, instantly diminishing fine lines and restoring firmness and radiance. It has an exceptionally high oil content to provide extra nourishment. Vitamin C, a strong antioxidant, tones the skin excellently while carrot oil provides vitamin A which boosts cell renewal.

Price: Rs. 1,275 for 50 gms packing

The cream is a heavy moisturizer with a butter smooooooooth texture that gets absorbed into skin immediately. Depending on how dry your skin feels, you can use more or less quantity of the product. My sister and I have been using this cream every night for more than a month now and this would still last us another 3 weeks.

With all the oils, Vitamin A & C in this and other ‘natural’ ingredients, the list is very impressive. I don’t eat all my fruits and veggies, so I’m happy my cream provides me the Vitamins 😉 Also, this cream has a beautiful fragrance that lingers. I apply it half an hour before going to bed and I find the sandalwood fragrance really relaxing.

In the morning, skin looks hydrated and soft and 2 weeks into using this, both of us noticed our skin to be smoother and more radiant. It  looks and feels like you just had a facial, without actually getting one!! I’m not sure about it’s age-defying claims yet, but I feel one needs to use it longer to see any such results.

I am loving this cream and other Forest Essentials products. Do try it out!!

Love, Jas 🙂

2 thoughts on “Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream – Sandalwood and Saffron

  1. Ank


    It does anything BUT MOSTURISE ur skin even a little bit… I bought it because of FE brand ..because of description on product..because its ayurvedic..

    Days after using it regularly at night skin has become dry day by day.. it remains on the upper layer of skin and does not permeates inside the skin which leads to two major problems… first ur skin does not gets any moisture and secondly, the layer of cream becomes a platform for all dust, etc…

    BAD.. i will rethink twice..thrice before wasting my money on FE product and not rely blindly..


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