Inglot AMC Multicolour Bronzing Powder – 78

Inglot AMC Multi Colour Bronzing Powder

I received this as a free gift along with few other items, with my eyeshadows purchase from Inglot. You can see eyeshadows and other products Here.

Inglot AMC Multicolour Bronzing Powder comes in 5-6 different shades and the one that I got in 78 is a beautiful bronzer. It is on the similar lines as Bobby Brown’s shimmer brick with 5 different color tiles that let you control how light or dark you want to go. And the tiles blend together to make a lovely bronze color that is not too red or too orange, but just a lovely brown bronze that works for a great overall tan or contour color.

Inglot AMC Multicolour Bronzer

Inglot AMC Bronzer Swatch

Inglot AMC Bronzing Powder 78 Blended

It blends easily on the skin. It’s not heavily pigmented, so you can’t really go overboard with it, and at the same time the color is easily buildable. The powder has some tiny gold flecks that don’t show up obviously and actually add a lovely glow.

Price: Free 🙂 Yaiee! Well for me anyways! But I checked online and it costs Rs. 1100. Also in some websites, this comes under the AMC Multicolour system Highlighting Powder option and not bronzing powder.

Inglot Bronzing Powder

This along with the other freebies I got don’t have a manufacture or expiry date mentioned on them. I do worry about these being expired, and also couldn’t find Inglot on the cosmetic expiry checking websites I know of.

78 is definitely a great bronzer for Indian skin and it’s Paraben free. This wasn’t on my list and I wouldn’t have bought this otherwise, but now that I have it, I actually do love it.

What’s your favourite bronzer?.. Love, Jas 🙂

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