After trying out and liking a single Kryolan blush, I decided to get more. I was excited to find their blush palettes and picked up a 5 color Kryolan Blush Palette.

Kryolan Blush Palette

Money wise, the palette is a good deal. Single blush costs Rs. 350 and a palette of 5 is priced at Rs. 1000. It has a shelf life of 2.5 years.

The blushes  are soft and silky powders that are well pigmented. They blend like a dream and are generally just awesome to work with. A good plus is that Kryolan’s blushes can be used as eyeshadows as well.

Kryolan Palatte

The case, made of thin metal, are used by professionals worldwide. These are very practical to use and not easily broken.

Kryolan 5 Blush Palette

All the shades I have in this palette are matte.  It’ll be nice of Kryolan to give the colors a name instead of boring numbers.

TC1 – A natural looking milky peach color and is a great day time blush.

66BG – An orange-y brown color that works as a contour color for a lot of skin tones.

SM – An intense red color hue

081 –  Berry pink with slight blue undertones. Absolutely LOVE this pink color for my skin tone.

SH. RED – Almost true orange color. Looks scary in the pan, but very easy to apply.

TC1, 665G, SM, 081, SH. RED
TC1, 665G, SM, 081, SH. RED

Staying power for these blushes is not bad. With a good base underneath, the blushes last me about 4-5 hours. No primer or foundation means the blush would last only about 2-3 hours.

These come in 5, 10 and 15 color palette but with the only disadvantage that it’s pre-set. Which means you cannot choose the colors in a palette, but there are a few palette options available.

It’s a great purchase and every makeup lover should get one of these. Especially if you are starting out, this is easy on pocket and you get color choices too. In Delhi, you can buy Kryolan products at Kryolan store is in Lajpat Nagar.

Have you tried it before? or would want to?.. Love, Jas 🙂


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    1. Jas@amakeupdiary

      Kryolan’s other palettes had great colors too.. But check with the store before you visit. They were out of stock on most items on my last 2 visits.


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