Sorting through my makeup over the weekend, I pulled out one of my favorite summer lipsticks, MAC Vegas Volt and with summers just around the corner I am keeping this one out.

MAC Vegas Volt is a bright and fun orange/coral, amplified finish lipstick. MAC’s Amplified finish lipsticks are creamy, non-drying and pigmented lipsticks and I find these very comfortable to wear. The wear time is only about 3 hrs or so and it needs to be reapplied often.

Price: Rs. 990/-

Vegas Volt is very intense and only 1 swipe of color is needed for a full opaque coverage. It’s a go to lipstick when you need a pop of color and it especially works well for warmer skin tones.

It’s a full coverage lipstick that can easily look scary.  I loved the color in the store but was scared to use it too, but the amplified finish makes it easy to use.  It’s best to apply this with a lip brush for a more smooth and sheer application and with a lip pencil, so it doesn’t bleed.

Love, Jas 🙂

3 thoughts on “MAC Vegas Volt

  1. Isha

    OOOOhhhhh…..i was looking for this….such a pretty summer/ spring color. One question, any suggestions for Peach color, where to find it?


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