Hey all! I’ve yet to try Clinique chubby stick or even Revlon or L’oreal. However I did try Nyx Chunky Dunk Hydrating lippies and since Nyx ones have got me hooked, I’m ready to try more!!


NYX Chunky Dunk

These are pencils that require no sharpening and they twist up and down in it’s plastic tube. Very light, smooth and decently hydrating, these provide the right amount of natural color. Not too heavily pigmented and neither too sheer.  The color and shine wear off in about 2 hours, but I don’t mind reapplying, since it’s easy and I don’t even need a mirror.

Rum Punch is a glossy berry-ish color that leaves a ‘true to color’ stain when it wears off. I am ok with the color on it’s own and prefer to mix it with another lipstick or liner.

Happy Budha is a nude brown color with microscopic gold glitter.

Price – $6

I just throw these in my bag on the days when I want fuss free glossy lips.

Too bad that these aren’t available in India yet! Sephora, are you planning to bring these here anytime soon?? 😉

Which chunky lip pencil that you recommend I should try now?.. Revlon, L’oreal, Clinique, Colorbar or any other?.. Love, Jas 🙂

NYX Chunky Dunk-swatch



Just an update on a few other products I got from my cousins in US. Totally digging all!


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