Purely Pro is a brand I had never heard off till I received a full size Purely Pro Blush – Universal shade in my Velvette Box few months back. It’s an American brand that doesnt seem to be easily available in India except for on Velvette Box site.

Price – Few International online stores that I looked at show the price at approx $20, but it’s available on Velvette Box site for Rs. 1425.Purely Pro Blush

Purely Pro Blush

Packing – The packing is nothing special, just a basic screw top and transparent cap. Very sturdy and travel friendly!

Shade – Universal is a light pink shade with slight blue undertones, even though it looks like a warm peachy pink in the pan. It has subtle shimmery sheen that adds a nice glow to the skin. It’s a very natural looking shade and works well on warm skin tones and would work just as well on cooler skin tones. The shade might not easily show up on darker skin tones and would need to be layered on.

Purely Pro Blush Pan

Texture – The blush is quite soft and not chalky. It applies nicely on the skin, though it can look powdery if not blended well.

Purely Pro Blush Universal Swatch

Staying Power – Other than the natural looking shade, I love that it’s a long wearing blush. Even in this heat, it stays on me for good 4-5 hours without any primer. I feel it will do even better with full face makeup.

It’s a great day blush and I love the pink glow it adds to my skin, but I feel it’s quite expensive and I can get a similar shade and good weartime with other less expensive alternatives.

What’s your favourite pink blush?.. Love, Jas 🙂

I instagram-ed this picture day before. The weather here in Delhi is beautiful right now. Much needed clouds and the rain today is soooo welcome after the crazy heat. Perfect day to wear a soft pink blush 🙂

Instagram Delhi Sky


4 thoughts on “Purely Pro Blush – Universal

  1. Miss Y.

    I really like The Body Shop blushers! I think they changed the formula along with the eyeshadows and highlighters and the blushers are really smooth, nicely pigmented and just overall flattering. I have the colour flushed which I think will suit a lot of people too!

    1. Jas@amakeupdiary

      I had tried TBS blush few years back, didn’t like the formula then. Does it have a good staying power? I’ll definitely check their stuff out.

      1. Miss Y.

        I think the staying powder is quite ok. It lasts me more than a few hours, especially if I set the blusher with some translucent powder or a setting spray.


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