The weather is weird here in Delhi. It rains and a minute later it’s crazy hot with real humidity levels. My hair’s acting crazy and so is my facial skin. So my love for makeup primers, hair masques and defrizzers is on an epic level right now,! especially for makeup primers that are oil controlling and somewhat mattifying.

I received a couple of samples of the Sephora Smoothing Primer in the mall and each sample of 1.5 ml has lasted me approx 4-5 face coverages, mainly t-zone and cheeks.

Sephora Smoothing PrimerDelhi

Sephora Smoothing Primer Bottle

Sephora Smoothing Primer softens the appearance of imperfections, prolongs the wear of your foundation, and keeps you looking flawless longer. Infused with hydrating ceramides, this formula moisturizes and smooths, while protecting with antioxidant-rich vitamins E and A.

This primer is a soft and clear gel, that is thick and has a silicone-y feel and yet it doesn’t feel silicone-y. I know it sounds weird, but it has a weird texture. It’s actually very light going on the skin and transforms into this silky smooth finish which makes your skin super smooth and velvety.

It makes an excellent primer for makeup. It creates a smooth base for makeup, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, allows an easy blending of foundation, and holds it in place for a long time, without any difficulty. I love how it keeps a check on the oily areas on my face for 7-8 hours easily. I think the primer likes me and it tells my face to not bug me or my makeup. 🙂

According to the website, the primer can also be used on the eyes to smooth-en and enhance wear of eye shadow. Have yet to try that, but 2 uses in 1 product sounds great.

It is paraben free and contains hydrating ingredients and antioxidants as well.

I have yet to buy the bottle, but checked out the bottle at the store and the packing looks quite decent and hygienic with a plastic bottle and a pump.

It’s priced at a decent Rs. 800 for 15ml bottle. The price is actually quite good and worth it, IMO.

Sephora Smoothing Primer Swatch
Sephora Smoothing Primer Swatch
Sephora Smoothing Primer Blended
Sephora Smoothing Primer Blended

I’m not a fan of silicone-y smooth, gel like texture for makeup base. That’s completely my opinion and I know people who don’t mind it at all.

Also I’m not sure how it will work out in winters or for people with normal-dry skin. But right now, I’m wearing it in the hot-humid weather and loving it.

If you are looking for a good smoothing, oil controlling and affordable face and eye primer, then you should definitely try this. Hit or Miss in your opinion? Love, Jas 🙂


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