I hope you enjoyed the previous post with Sleek iDivine Eyeshadow Palettes in Showstopper and Bad Girl. Today’s post is about the Oh So Special Palette that I adore and Original Palette.

Sleek i Divine Eyeshadow Palette – Oh So Special – I’m so so glad I bought this palette!! The palette contains a good range of dark and light colors. Nudes, pinks, light and dark browns and dark plums are great for summery or fall, day or night looks.

I find the eyeshadow textures for this palette the best compared to other palettes. The mattes are not powdery with great color pay off and the shimmery ones are buttery smooth and blend beautifully on lids. It’s hard to choose in this palette, but the matte pink and shimmery plum are my absolute favorite.

Sleek Oh So Special Palette

Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow

Sleek Oh So Special Swatches

Sleek i Divine Eyeshadow Palette – Original – This is quite a bold and very vibrant palette with bright blues, greens, pinks to purple and bronze colors in metallic/frosty finish. The palette also includes a matte black and a light shimmery highlighter.

I was really excited about the super pigmented colors in this palette but was kind of disappointed with some of the eyeshadows as they are unusually waxy, chalky and not easy to blend. It takes a while to work with these eyeshadows and if used without a primer, they settle into my folds/lines.

Sleek Original Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek Original Palette

Sleek Original Eyeshadow Swatches

Each of the eyeshadows is named but the names are written on a clear plastic overlay that is inside each palette. I got mine mixed up and threw those out soon after.

There are a couple of things I dont like about Sleek iDivine Eyeshadow Palettes. Firstly, some of the shimmer shadows are a little on the frosty side and few of them are not super blendable. And secondly, between multiple palettes there are quite a few similar shades/colors. So now I have multiple blacks/dark greys, shimmery pinks and nudes/beiges etc.

At $10 each, Sleek iDivine Eyeshadow Palettes are a great value for money. I also paid a total shipping amount of about $6 on ordering from their website sleekmakeup.com.

These have one of the best packaging I’ve seen for such affordable palettes. It’s small, sturdy and sleek. The eyeshadows in general are blendable, not chalky, pigmented and of good quality. Sleek has about 12-15 eyeshadow palettes and you can choose according to your eyeshadow taste and needs.

Let me know through your comments which one is your favourite?.. Love, Jas 🙂

10 thoughts on “Sleek iDivine Eyeshadow Palettes – reviews, swatches

  1. Miss Y.

    What a coincidence! I’m scheduling a post about the au naturel palette on my own blog very soon! ^^ sorry for the long absence in comments to your blog btw, I got a new job and cannot read blogs at work anymore and somehow never had a relaxed morning of catching up with all the beauty news the last weeks. I especially love the look of the oh so special palette! I’m not into the blue colours of the original palette.

    1. Jas@amakeupdiary

      Congrats on the new job 🙂 I too was busy with some makeup jobs and work that I haven’t been online for a while too, So I know the feeling.

      I’ll be waiting on your post for au naturel palette 😉


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