Ok, so the fog’s out and with it, my blanket. And that means winter’s officially here. I’m not much of a winter person, but there are some things I like about this season. Cute warm slippers, comfort winter food like steaming soups and hot chocolate, winter fashion, the extra layers of clothing to hide the extra weight 😉

But it also means uncomfortable dry skin. Read on to find out special winter skin care needed:


Hydrate – In winters, drinking water isn’t always a top priority, but it should be. Hydrate your skin and body by drinking lots of water. Herbal tea is also a great choice when it’s cold.

Moisturize – I found a great moisturizer for the summer, but as the weather changes, so does the skin care routine. Find an oil based moisturizer or a heavy cream that creates a protective layer on the skin and keeps it hydrated. Night creams are a good idea as well. And remember… it’s not just you, your body needs that extra TLC; be nice to your whole body.

Exfoliate – I know, we all think, wouldn’t a scrub make our skin drier. Well actually it removes dead cells and leaves it ready to be moisturized. A good face scrub and also a body scrub is a good idea to use once a week.

Oil Baths – Bath oils provide much needed comfort and hydration to your body. And it’s a good way to pamper your skin and an excuse for those long showers. Your skin absorbs the moisture from the oils and keeps your body soft. Natural coconut, sesame and olive oil are good and nourishing as well.

Sunscreen – Ok, so I know you’re thinking “what sun?” Right? Well just because  summers are over, doesn’t mean you don’t need sun protection. Sunscreen is still important in winters. Apply a sunscreen 20-30 minutes before you leave the house and reapply if you are outside for long.

Hand care – The skin on your hand is thinner than most parts of the body and so it’s harder to keep it moist. Apply special heavy hand creams and also keep them warm to avoid getting itchy hands.


Hope these tips help. Love, Jas 🙂

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