I usually stick with my skincare products seriously and don’t try new brands easily. And so I was hesitant to buy products from Za in the beginning. But when I realized that Za has been launched in India by Shiseido brand and I decided to give it a try! Za True White Day Cream is part of it’s True White Skin Care range specially designed with the finest ingredients and Shiseido’s cutting edge science that boosts skin’s inner strength, and revitalizes its outer beauty.

Price – Rs. 999

I have been using this cream everyday after toning for about four weeks now and I still have 2 weeks worth of cream left.

I seriously loved this cream to start with, since I saw a sudden change in my skin tone. It looked much brighter and visibly cleaner within a couple of days. It makes the skin bright and then maintains it. It makes your skin lighter, but definitely doesn’t “whiten” skin tone.

My Thoughts

Lightens and brightens the skin tone

Reduces dark spots and evens out skin tone

The cream moisturizes skin, but I expect my moisturizer to be a little more hydrating. However, my skin does not feel dry after using this

Contain Vitamin C and White Lily extract

I like my day moisturizer to contain sunscreen, so I don’t have to use a separate one. This contains SPF 20 PA++

Not thick or runny, it’s a non greasy, lightweight cream that is easy to blend and gets absorbed quickly.

Za True White Day Cream comes in a lightweight, white plastic jar. I usually prefer tubes or bottles for hygienic reasons. And for the same reason, I wanted to try Za True White Day Lotion, but I bought the cream because the SA told me that the cream is more hydrating.

It’s a good cream and does a good job at brightening the skin tone and I definitely recommend it. My only concern is the price. For this price, I kind of expect the formula to last me 2 months, which this won’t.

Have you tried other products from this brand and what do you think of them? I want to try the Anti Ageing range too.. Love, Jas 🙂





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